International Tuba star Les Neish joins the BIBBSS team following the withdrawal of Shaun Crowther

We are absolutely thrilled that Les Neish has agreed to join the staff of the BIBBSS following the withdrawal of Shaun Crowther. Les is one of the finest tuba players and teachers in the world and we are so happy that he will be joining us for our brass band summer school in July.

Les’s brilliant solo playing is known the world over. He has a remarkable talent, which he has demonstrated across a large variety of genre from brass band, to chamber music and wind ensembles.

He’s also known for his dedication to music education, being in great demand for workshops and presentations in the UK and mainland Europe. He has been the driving force behind the highly successful Insieme project that has been running during the lockdown.

His skill, patience and good humour is sure to be highlight for all the bass players who study with him at the Bolsover International Brass Band Summer School.

We Would like to say a special thanks to Shaun Crowther who has given sterling service to our summer school in recent years, and of course we wish him all the best for the future.


Professor Steven Mead

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